About Us

Ranhill Water Services (RWS) specialises in the provision of operational, management, construction and consultancy services to meet the needs of water and waste-water service providers across Asia. With a vast experience in all aspects water provision, from the treatment plant to the customer tap, we offer a holistic approach tailored to the operator's specific needs. 

RWS contributes to the sustainability of the environment by reducing water losses, hence relieving stress on water resources. We ensure continuous access to clean water for the survival of the mankind. 

Who We Are

RWS was incorporated in 2005 to enable the provision of specialised services to water operators and stakeholders. Starting with a small team of 11 and limited resources, RWS can now be proud of all our achievements, including a workforce of approaching 400 highly trained staff, equipped with the latest advanced technologies and equipment to realize the company’s vision of becoming the leading provider of water solutions. Through the development of partnerships tailored to the clients’ needs, and bound by performance guarantees, RWS provides specialised operational support in the management and optimisation of water utility assets.

Our skills and expertise were initially developed whilst operating SAJ Holdings Sdn. Bhd., which is now one of the leading water operators in Malaysia. RWS continues to grow and develop through the successful completion of a range of projects both nationally and internationally. Our international ventures include the Middle East, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Sri Langka. We have established ourselves as a leading player in the industry, particularly in the arena of Water Loss Management and Network Modelling.